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Customer Satisfaction Survey

We appreciate your business and enjoy handling all of your floral needs. Because you are a valued customer, we continually look for every opportunity to improve our products and services to you. So that we can make your experience with us even better, please take a moment to complete our customer satisfaction survey and return it to the address below.

Thank you for your time.

Ccustomer Information
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1. How often do you make floral purchases at our shop? About… (check one)
Once or twice/week Once or twice/month Once or twice/year
Other :
2. How would you rate us in the following areas?
  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor I don’t know
Helpful/informed/courteous staff:
Courteous delivery people:
Freshness/product quality:
Product variety/selection:
Ability to handle last-minute orders:
Timeliness of delivery:
Compared with other local florists:
3 For the methods you use to order floral products from our shop, please rank the quality of service and fulfillment you receive. If fair or poor, what would make ordering easier for you?
  Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor I don’t know
Web site:
4 The products and services I ask for are fulfilled right and on time.
Almost always Sometimes Rarely
5 Are there any services you would like us to offer, but we do not offer at the current time?
Yes No
If so, what are they?
6 Would you recommend our shop to a friend or colleague?
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7 If we could make one change to our shop to make ordering flowers and plants easier for you, what would that be?
8 How likely are you to place future orders?
Very likely Somewhat likely Unlikely